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Join us in the nomu room

Wednesday - Saturday

6pm - 1am


And get a chance to win a $20 Gift Card. We issue gift cards every week.

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Grilled Cheese (v) - 11

Smoked Gouda and Cheddar on pullman bread

BBQ Pork - 14

Pulled pork, spicy BBQ, pickled onions, sriracha crunch on a milk bun

Tofu Katsu Sandwich (v) - 14

Panko crusted tofu, kimchee slaw, charred scallions, caramelized onions on pullman bread.

Nomu Burger - 15

Two 4 oz patties, cheddar, charred scallions on a milk bun

Meatloaf Sandwich - 15

House-made meatloaf, caramelized onions, gochujang glaze, kimchee on pullman bread




Steamed Edamame (v) - 6.75

Tossed with smoked salt or chili sauce

Tofu Katsu Bites (v) - 7

Panko crusted and dried, served with katsu sauce and hot sauce

Drop Dead Leg - 3

Slow cooked and flash fried chicken leg with hot or BBQ sauce

Side of Tots (v) - 5

Cold And Stormy - 10

Aarack Amaro, Bitters, Ginger Beer, Cold Press Coffee Float

Old Fashioned - 10

Cabin Still, Demerar Simple Syrup, Cherry, Orange Peel, Bitters

Manhattan - 10

Cabin Still, Sweet Vermouth, Bitters

Rum The Jewels - 10

Rum, St Germain, Grapefruit Juice, Bitters

Green Tea Highball - 10

Green Tea Gin, Sake, Solero, Sparkling Water

Mystery Shot - 5

A roll of the dice. Ask our staff for details.

Rotating Local Tap Beer - MP

Ask our staff what's on tap this week.

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