Habanero Masago Maki with Uzura
Quail Egg poured over Tobiko (fish eggs)
Curry Katsudon Rice Bowl
Crispy Pork with Potatoes, Carrots, Poached Egg and Tonkatsu Sauce over Rice
Gyudon Rice Bowl
Braised Beef with Scallion, Fresh Vegetables and Poached Egg over Rice
Ramen Burger & Snacks
Beef Patty, Braised Pork Belly, House Pickles, Scallion, Hoisin Sauce, Lettuce and Ramen Bun.
Originally, a wooden box was used to measure rice in Japan during the Feudal period.
Sashimi Omakase
Chef's Choice
Aji Sashimi
Horse Mackerel (whole fish)

Only available at our Northeast Minneapolis location.
Chirashi Zushi
Assortment of fresh Sashimi and Vegetables over Seasoned Rice

Only available at our Northeast Minneapolis and MOA locations.
Cucumber Salad
Goma Dressing, Wakame and Radish
Artisanal Sake
Robata Platter
Yellow Submarine Roll
Mamenori (Soy Paper), Masago, Ikura, Avocado and Uzura
Chicken Tsukune
Chicken sausage in soft steamed bun
Uzura Maki
Quail Egg
Chef's Special
Sushi Roll
Munny Dolls
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